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Question: Why does my tank need to be cleaned?

Answer: The septic tank's job is to trap and digest the solids that flow into it from the house. Only water should be delivered to the leach field. The bacteria that live inside the tank digest most but not all of these solids. So, over a period of years, they build up to an excessive level and begin to flow out into the leach field, causing premature failure. Consider cleaning the septic tank every 2 to 6 years to prevent premature failure.

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Question: Why are garbage disposals bad for septic tanks?

Answer: A garbage disposal adds extra solids to the tank; remember, the bacteria are not 100 percent efficient. The more solids you add, the quicker they build up.

Question: How often should my septic tank be cleaned?

Answer: The short answer is 2 to 6 years to insure that the solids stay in the tank. It depends upon waste water volume and solids content of that flow vs. septic tank size, whether or not a garbage disposal is in use and overall habits of the persons using the system. Assuming a tank size of 1000 gallons and a four-person household, the tank should be cleaned every three years. A tank size less than 1000 gallons sould be cleaned more often. A household of more than four persons should be cleaned more often.

Question: How can I find my septic tank?

Answer: Go to your local environmental health office or health department. They should have a print of how the system was built on file. This print will give you a rough estimate of where your septic tank is located. If an as-built print is not available, find out where the main drain line exits your house. The tank may be on line with this pipe 10 to 20 feet away from the house. If you still can't find your tank, give us a call, we will be happy to assist.

Question: What does a septic system do?

Answer: The septic system takes influent from your house and traps the solids and passes only the liquid to the leach field. Solids which settle out in the tank form into two layers, the sludge layer at the bottom of the tank and the scum layer which floats to the top of the tank. A clear water layer, located between the two solids layers is directed out into the leach field via the outlet baffle. In the leach field, part of the system effluent filters down through the soil, which acts as a filter. The remainder of the effluent evaporates.

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